Character Goals

Once per session, each character has the chance to win one Minor Quest XP award of their level by achieving a Character Goal set in advance. This Character Goal must be defined in a detailed sentence and relate specifically to what the character wants to achieve. These goals must meet DM approval. The purpose is to encourage dramatic events which not only enhance the game, but reward players mechanically for engaging their character’s beliefs and agendas in the context of narrative situation. You may have up to 3 goals at a time — ideally one which is short term, one which is long term, and one which relates to another member of the party or the party’s goals. For particularly long term and shared goals, the XP award may be greater. The idea is to set goals and time them so that it is possible for your character to accomplish one per session (at which point a new goal can be selected.) If the goal is not quite accomplished successfully, but instead attempted and resolved in a manner engaging the character’s beliefs in a dramatic situation, the GM may still decide to award the experience for the goal.


  • “I will protect my companions with my life as we explore these sunken tunnels, I will lead the way and if anyone drops in battle I will be the first.”
  • “I will personally take the life of Melfenis the Defiler, and swear vengeance on all his family before I plunge my knife into his heart.”
  • “I will discover the true reason why the Lost Chalice of Bingogaz was passed to the leader of Merchant House Ianto.”


At the end of each session, players will be nominated by other players for a maximum of three different special awards, each of which will equate to a Minor Quest’s worth of experience of that character’s level.

MVP Awarded to the character who was relied upon as the consistent workhorse of the session, without which the party would not have achieved nearly the same degree of success according to their party goals.

Right Skill, Right Time Awarded to the character who’s specific and unique abilities solved a crucial problem in perfect timing, and benefited the party as a whole.

Comedic/Dramatic Moment Awarded to the character who had the most dramatic or hilarious moment which everyone at the table enjoyed witnessing.


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