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Experience Awards: Character Goals & Votes


Ja’Amun, Human Bard (Veiled Alliance)
A Urikite traveller of many talents and many secrets

Lorne, Elf Rogue (Gladiator)
A feral pit fighter with a past unknown, even to herself

Mirri, Human Hybrid Shaman/Druid (Elemental Priest)
At one with the elements and spirits of Athas

Senkayvitch, Human Ardent (Templar)
A psionic warrior, Templar of Draj

Wevv, Elf Battlemind (Templar)
A headstrong tribal warrior and former Praetor of Balic

Z’hrina, Thri-Kreen Monk (Wilder)
Heir to the J’Kez Khanate, proving herself in the world of softskins


Aludra, older sister to Ja’Amun, murdered many years ago
Astixlas, adviser to Matthias of Tyr’s Veiled Alliance
Atark Aakusk, of the Tondi-kreen, claimed as haazi
Chch’kraran, a Thri-Kreen in Tyr on the hunt for the mythical iron weapons for his pack
Eramas, impulsive Urikite gladiator slave on the run from his masters
Etheros, aged sorcerer of the Veiled Alliance and owner of The Honeyed Kank
Fanda Lisa, seer woman and wife to Etheros
Faldor, a powerful Preserver of the Veiled Alliance in Tyr
Fantherveis, former teacher of Mahlanda, a malicious defiler
Granj, a veteran soldier sowing seeds of rebellion in Tyr‘s slave pits
Hamash, sullen Mul slave in Tyr and the manager of a fruit-stand, owned by House Tuvlic, a minor merchant house
Hivash, a dwarf elder enslaved in Tyr’s slave pits
Ka’im, uncle to Ja’Amun, shop owner in Urik
Kalak, wizened Sorcerer-King of Tyr
Khas’ad Stel, a patriarch of House Stel stationed in Urik
Lissan, gladiator slave of Tyr nobles of Family Asticles, rash and youthful and an arena favorite
Mahlanda, idealistic initiate of the Veiled Alliance
Matthias, leader of Tyr’s Veiled Alliance cell, never has left headquarters
Mus’ad Stel, son of Khas’ad Stel, suspected murderer of Aludra
Orman, callous half-elf ranger and a drunkard on the streets of Tyr
Ra’Amun, Urikite cobbler and father of Ja’Amun
Rashid, Templar Magistrate of Urik, murdered by Ja’Amun
Tithian, High Templar of King Kalak of Tyr
Trevalis, patriarch and senator of Family Minthur
Urrgos, a stubborn and dim-witted half-giant with a tendency to mimic his current role-model
Valmok, strict slave Gladiator trainer in Tyr
Verassi, a young, impudent noble of Family Minthur
Q’hari Si, Khan of the J’Kez Khanate and mother to Zhrina

Cities & Settlements

Balic, City-State ruled by Sorcerer-King Andropinis
Dej, birthing place of Z’hrina
Draj, City-State ruled by Sorcerer-King Tectuktitlay
Gulg, City-State ruled by Sorcerer-Queen Lalali-Puy
Nibenay, City-State ruled by Sorcerer-King Nibenay
Raam, City-State ruled by Sorcerer-Queen Abalech-Re
Tyr, City-State ruled by Sorcerer-King Kalak
Urik, City-State ruled by Sorcerer-King Hamanu


The Honeyed Kank, secret headquarters of one of Tyr‘s Veiled Alliance cells
Inn of the Bleached Inix
Kalak’s Ziggurat
Tyr Slave Pits
Tyr Arena Training Compound
Tyr Gladiatorial Coliseum
Trash Heap Entrance to the UnderTyr

Geographical Regions

Western Hinterlands, vast plains to the west of the Ringing Mountains
Ringing Mountains, formidable mountain range which extends the length of the Tyr region


Brick Hauler Team Five, a slave labor crew working on Kalak‘s Ziggurat
Family Asticles, a noble family of Tyr
Family Minthur, a noble family of Tyr
House Stel, powerful merchant house with headquarters in Urik
House Tuvlic, minor merchant house headquartered in Tyr
House Wavir, powerful merchant house headquartered in Balic
J’Kez Khanate, a nomadic tribe of Thri-Kreen from Western Hinterlands
Veiled Alliance, a wide-ranging secret society protecting arcanists and opposing the Sorcerer-Kings

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