Wevv’s Appendix #0125 Wevv’s Equipment :: “Pit Quartz-Staff” ::

weapon (melee)

Wevv’s Appendix #0125
Wevv’s Equipment :: “Pit Quartz-Staff” ::


“This ten foot long staff is made sturdy of petrified wood. Found by Wevv in a desperate moment exiting the Slave Pits of Tyr. Compliant with his people’s tradition to scavenge the appropriate material to create a staff, the purest expression of their fighting style, this slightly knotted & gnarled piece of ancient wood swings swiftly & with balance while still easily supporting Wevv’s weight. Six-sided & crystalline instead of round, its structure is mostly transparent quartz & bears the imperfections of the minerals from its petrification process — carbon, cobalt & manganese — adding streaks of iridescent color, black, blue / green & yellow, respectively — throughout its long thin form.

The Drak have a strong affinity for petrified wood as their homeland exists in a vast dead forest, preserved by the mix of the water of their drakes & the silica of their sand over the eons. Among them it is a great honor to find a suitable staff of petrified wood, & Wevv holds his Pit Staff with a fated reverence reserved for good omens of great import to the hero’s of Drak-ian culture. There are times he touches it as if he does not deserve to hold something of such great value.”

Wevv’s Appendix #0125 Wevv’s Equipment :: “Pit Quartz-Staff” ::

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