Wevv’s Appendix #0015 :: Wevv’s Drak Skin ::


Wevv’s Appendix #0015
:: Wevv’s Drak Skin ::


“One single strip of the shark-skin-like drake-scale mail, varying in width from fractions of an inch to about a foot at its widest & at least a hundred feet in length, with strangely carved bone epaulettes. It looks like a pile of strange scrap to most when unworn but when wrapped around the person it was tailored to, it allows for a light but effective full body armor coverage that breathes in the heat of Athas’ sun. The scales offer a hardness to the touch but appear to change in armor effectiveness based on the wielder’s psionic ability or skill, situationally. When worn it covers from finger to toe & has a thick hard circular collar. It looks like it takes a really long time to put on or take off. It also explains the strange tan-lines & general paleness of the Battleminds of Drak, despite the Athas sun.”

Wevv’s Appendix #0015 :: Wevv’s Drak Skin ::

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