Dust & Blood

Z'hrina: Session 001

A Strange New World

After only a day in the city, I managed to find another Thri-Kreen, become a slave, and meet a draj and dras. The pits are peculiar. They feed us a sustenance called, “gruel”. It is provided and while the humans do not seem to enjoy it they prefer it to the reptiles found in the holes in the ground where they throw us for “punishment”. The food I ate while in the cramped hole was the best I’ve had since I arrived here.

I have made progress in what I think is understanding this society. Many fights break out at night after work. Instead of letting the strong and weak sort it among themselves the drajs and drass often interfere on the side of the weak. This confused me for days and I have pondered why one might do as such. By understanding this I have be able to understand their society better. Perhaps they make up for their lack of physical strength by working as a group but that does not explain why they would take on ones so weak. It seems they would still want the strongest. Perhaps, these individuals are not as weak as they seem that their function is different. My middle arms are “weaker” than those I fight with, yet they serve an important function of dexterity, Maybe, these weak individuals are like my middle arms. Hmmm…. More information is needed and I will track it down like it was an injured silt runner.


Awesome. +100 XP for Z’hrina.

Z'hrina: Session 001