Dust & Blood

Wevv's Appendix #0489

Wevv’s Appendix #0489
:: Wevv’s Trial :: “In The Water Of The Aberrant, pt one” ::
“Swimming deep into the cave, the ancient energy still tingles in my arm as we swim. My new friends don’t see my shame.

We enter the large cavern, sunlight falls down through a tiny hole at the top. In the waters around us, facets of aura quartz reflect the light as cacophonies of dust twitter, coming from nowhere, in the air & water.

A host of large & strange water insects skulk in the waters surrounding the bizarre metal craft. Its form riven by sheets of rust, the shape is still unmistakably other-worldly. The psionic emanations are stronger here, reaching deep into our minds.

The insects charge toward us, almost ceremonially, & the calm waters part as we approach the vessel. They don’t buy our ruse & we draw blades against them. Grappling with their blank minds I’m distracted by their pincer arms, barnacled in the same quartz of this strange thing. The Dark-eyed Templar falls, at the vessel’s edge, sinking slowly.

& then it rises, out of the water. A brain-shaped thing. Maw-covered tentacles hanging down below. Its beak, the only feature of its face, nips spastically at the air around it. We hold."