Dust & Blood

Wevv's Appendix 0301 - 0351

“In The Fall, & In The Wake of The Fall”

Wevv’s Appendix #0301
:: Wevv’s Trial :: “In The Fall, & In The Wake of The Fall” ::
“I sacrifice, to The Water Spirit. I feel ice within me as Her power manifests. I draw its form out of my mind, sharp & strong — my psionic rapier.

Then — tremors. Gladiators & serpents, The Matron Thri-kreen, The Silent Elf & The Crafty Druid & The Intimidating Swordmage. A black shape, an abominable creature dissolving slaves in its maw. A pain in the deep of my mind; The Tyrant’s dark magic.

The Seer; she knew.

We watched from the crowd, at the top of the stairs, Ja’Amun, The Conniving Bard & I, the explosions rang, as The Tyrant of Tyr fell. His tower burst into rubble, his pantheon of aristocrats diced by our strike. His people, freed, ran to our sides, & out into the rest of their lives, unaware of exactly what horror was almost visited upon them.

Azur, my new friends & I, we freed The City of tears.

For a moment, anyway. After … it was different. Something that was supposed to happen — didn’t. Despicable Templars abusing their power, the bonds of The City’s machinations slipping out of control, into chaos & disrepair.

Caught in the aftershocks of political & physical intrigue in The Wake of The Fall, we secured our resources, calmed, coerced & usurped a hold deep in the workings of The New Free City, attempting to cement ourselves into its new gears.”

Wevv’s Appendix #0342
:: The Slient Sister-Elf’s Mind, pt one ::
“The Black Sand. A tower, I see it in the elf’s mind — she screams. Throbbing in my mind, for days. Covering everything I experience, the texture of it challenges my grip on perception. Everything in this city already covered in grime, now it moves, shifts, as if it is alive with this defiled presence in my mind. I must get out of this city, onto the seas of sand to rid my mind of this infestation. The Matron Thri-kreen will find what is in her mind. Her calmness sees the truth that I can’t.”

Wevv’s Appendix #0350
:: The Templar Mun ::
“A Mul Templar of Tyr, older than most but still in his prime, his skin is very pale now & the few tattoos he wears are long thin blue lines, like veins — or vines — twisting around him sparsely. He is gruff & loathes all joy, music & merriment. He owns a residence in the Templar District of Tyr, very near to the location of The Swordmage’s Eye. He escorted a cache of slaves gifted from Balic, Wevv included, & temporarily held possession of his Heirloom Items until The Players rescued them. It is unclear exactly what position he now holds after The Fall, as quite dramatically he no longer bears the harsh tan of a slave master yet still appears to be at the top of his art.”

Wevv’s Appendix #0351
:: Under The Moon & Mun ::
“They find him, Mun. They are so wise, my friends — so many things we Drak are not. I watch as they approach his home, I’m frozen — petrified, completely without control. Unable to assist in any way, The Silent Elf sneaks in as The Templar returns from his rounds. That Conflicted Bard tells the worst limerick of his life & Mun pushes past us. I watch, horror-ed as he opens his door. But then, as always, Her Calmness, The Matron, she saves Our Sister. She saves His Soul. She saves mine.”


Excellent work and some good leads for me in here…! +150 XP.

Wevv's Appendix 0301 - 0351

Ah, good. I think we had forgotten Mun’s name for a moment. We’ll have to keep an eye on him…

Wevv's Appendix 0301 - 0351