Dust & Blood

Session 001 Recap

Greetings Players —

Thanks for an awesome game last night, I think we’re off to a good start! Here’s a quick list of notes and an opportunity for bonus experience.

  • I’ve updated the main wiki page with links to placeholder pages for NPCs that were encountered last session. Feel free to create wiki pages for any of these characters and fill them with your own notes. Our campaign wiki is considered to be from the perspective of the PCs, so it will get fleshed out based on campaign events.
  • An in character journal entry posted to this Adventure Log recapping events from the previous session will earn you +100 XP. A good paragraph or two is long enough, and it can focus on a specific event from the previous session. Linking to wiki pages for the NPCs when their names are mentioned is nice if you feel like it! In general, I’d like to see any insight into evolving character goals and priorities.
  • The map of Tyr on the Maps page has been updated with markers linking to wiki pages for locations that were visited in the last session. Expect to see this update after each session.
  • Stay tuned to the Adventure Log for another “rumors in the slave pits” thread this week.
  • This is not required, but some forum-based roleplay (fluff only) on our campaign forum will definitely be responded to by myself daily if anyone wants to initiate it. Just create a thread and set the scene of the interaction you’d like to initiate — for example, perhaps Lorne shares tales of gladiatorial exploits with Lissan and the other gladiatorial initiates during a cold night in the Tyr Slave Pits. Or perhaps Zhrina seeks to learn more about Chch’kraran and his reasons for being in Tyr. Please create an appropriately named thread for each individual scene. Each scene will be resolved accompanied by notice from GM of a small XP reward.