Dust & Blood

Rumors on the Tyrian Streets

GM Notes: Summary of information freely spoken about around the streets of Tyr.

“King Kalak is planning a great arena spectacle very soon. The most famous gladiators of Tyr will compete. The entire city will shut down for the festival!”

“If you want spell components, go to the blue-and white-striped tent at the back of the Elven market. They’ll take care of you.”

“A lot of folks have disappeared lately… don’t know why, but I don’t like it.”

“In Lord Kalak’s palace, the doors are solid iron and he’s filled a whole room of the Golden Tower with smelted iron.”

“Steer clear of the templars of the King’s Works. High Templar Doreen has become a shrieking tembo about this ziggurat thing and they’ll take it out on anyone.”

“If you’re looking for supplies, you might visit the Inn of the Bleached Inix.”

“When they were digging a new cistern for Senator Minval, the slaves broke into a huge underground chamber. Not long afterward, the templars showed up and ordered the hole sealed and the villa razed to the ground. After that, they marched off every one of Minval’s slaves to work on the ziggurat.”

“I hear the arena’s looking for new gladiators.”

“Kank honey is going to be rationed soon, might be a chance to make a killing.”