Dust & Blood

Lorne 001

After traveling from Nibenay to Tyr with my fellow Gladiator mates for another match I decided to wander and see if I could find more information about my past. I went to the Elven market to ask about the black sand that I woke up in last year and in trying to get information from them I found myself talked into running a few errands to prove myself. I should have known I was going to be profiled and captured. Now I find myself a slave again like when I first made my way into Nibenay. Fortunately, it seems I might be given the chance to fight in the ring instead of lugging rocks all day. Sadly, I will be fighting my own mates once again. First step is to fight my way out of here, second is to find out who I am.


Great! +100 XP for Lorne.

Lorne 001