Dust & Blood

All that has come before was prelude, now my story is begun

A Letter Home

This the first day of Festival of Highest Sun, in the Year of the Kalak’s Demise of the One Hundred Ninety First King’s Age

My Dearest Sire Ra’Amun,

Rejoice! For Kalak has fallen and the City of Tyr has been liberated! Those who have been ravaged under the whip and whose steps have been measured by links of cruel iron are now freed. The city is alive with newfound joy in the absence of Kalak as a new optimism permeates Tyr. Our friends of Athas’ bounty have shared with me their water and their flame and it is on their behalf that I dare put quill to parchment and entrust this letter finds you promptly.

First of all, Tithian who was named High Templar of Kalak’s Works, he who’s malevolence had so cruelly erected the Witch-King’s Ziggurat upon the blood and bones of the enslaved, has named himself King Tithian, First of his Name, King of Tyr, King of Iron, Highest of Templars, Breaker of Chains, Father of the Freed. He is as greedy and overreaching with his titles as he is with his tenuous grip on power. His rule thus far has been wrecked with nepotism and invidious overtures of peace and unity in the new era, whereupon the corruption we so valiantly opposed has been entrenched through his Templars refusing to concede their offices of justicar, and the establishment of a Council of Tyr. A more cowardly and venal collection of lickspittles you could not hope to find, however it has thus far served to pacify the throng of denizens who rose up as one upon the sight of Kalak’s Golden Tower having been collapsed into so much rubble.

Those desperate souls unaccustomed to behaving as free men are wont to do have taken to wandering in groups milling about the haunts of their former masters reluctant to return to their previous station, yet unknowing of how to progress. I have impressed upon them one hard fought truth: that they were free from the minute they were born and that no man has the right to take from them by force the liberty that they posses in its own right. King Tithian the Pretender has relied upon his fellow Templars, the Minister of Laws, Tehosian, and the Minister of Defense, Mashastra, to rally what forces of Kalak’s remain and forge them into something of a standing army and what has become a mockery of a court. He has yet to break a strike upon the Iron Mines where hundreds of former slaves have blocked the passage and are refusing access to all who approach. Moreover the several merchant houses are arraying themselves to take advantage of a series of aquifers nearby so as to gain control of the resource and profit from the parched throats of the newly enfranchised Tyrians.

Though it was their sweat and toil which had built the fair City of Tyr, and by their life’s blood was it liberated from Kalak’s tyranny, the rebel alliance has been shut from the Council’s table with no voice and no vote for the Free People of Tyr. Father I beseech you, send word of our accomplishments in Tyr, that the people may be inspired to join us in our virtuous new home. Send aid and succor that we shall overcome the petty squabbling of Kalak’s Dogs as they squabble over the leavings of the Witch-King’s court. Pray for my success in organizing the miners, and the tradesmen, the crafter and the porter, the scribe and the chambermaid, that by our strength united we may gain a voice upon this council, and thereby challenge Tithian the Unworthy for a true freedom that we may call our own.

Be also vigilant and on the watch for the agents of Urik’s King Hamanu, the self-styled King of the World, whose spies have been discovered within our city’s wall. Surely word of Kalak’s demise has reached his ear and has filled him with dread that the same fate might befall him, or with treacherous desire that he may add Tyr with its Golden Tower and Mighty Ziggurat, its mines and aquifers, and its people to his own dominion. Send word, if you can, of the rumors in our streets as to what he intends and when and where he will strike if that is indeed his intention. Our liberation is as of yet newly formed and not yet secure. Such an assault would be costly, though with knowledge a-forehand it may yet prove to be another challenge within our grasp. I tell you I’ll not sleep soundly until the fortifications have been made secure, and we have some way of knowing Hamanu’s next move.

I shall close with my sincerest wish that you and all of our family are enjoying the Festival of Highest Sun, and that the new year brings with it all the blessing and bounty that Athas has to offer. Until such time as our paths may cross again, I bid you farewell, Father. May this letter find you in good health and high spirits.

Your ever faithful, and obedient son,



Ok, not in character, without pussy-footing around, my goals are to as follows:

  1. To unionize the striking iron miners then sue for wages and benefits from the mine owners in exchange for their labor. For brokering these tense negotiations I would be willing to accept a small fee and a named position as a union organizer.
  1. Secure an access point to the aquifer network and then barter an exchange of goods and services with the merchant houses for a lease to access and then to distribute this scarce resource. If the merchant houses were to grant me a boon, or a title of recognition amongst their kind as a tradesman of good repute I would not object.
  1. Convince those former slaves who have been trained in a trade to form mutually beneficial guilds that will provide the craftsman with the ownership and the profits of their labors. All tradesmen could freely choose to join a guild, and those members of the guild would be free to determine for themselves the type, manner, and disposition of their membership and the methods by which they will recruit, train, and make such requirements of new members. If those trades guilds were to look kindly upon my efforts and perhaps decide that I had some small skill that I could contribute to their cause I would gladly join any, or even all, of their guilds as an honorary member and carry their card proudly within my purse.
  • All of which of course is to wheedle my way onto the Tyrian Council as a secret member of the Veiled Alliance, and only after which would I disclose my Arcane abilities, if even then.

Fantastic! Don’t forget to remind me of XP awards for the journal entry next game.