Dust & Blood

Free Tyr!

The aftermath of the Fall of Sorcerer-King Kalak

After the arduous trials of the slave pits and heroic efforts of our protagonists and their fellow Veilled Alliance comrades, Tyr has been freed from the tyrannical reign of Sorcerer-King Kalak, and many millennia of oppression.

These events take place during the weeks following that fateful day in Tyr’s Coliseum:

  • Kalak is not seen or heard from by anyone, and his body is not found amidst the rubble of the golden wall. He is presumed dead.
  • The Ziggurat’s only entrance, at its summit, has been sealed off by unknown forces; the heavy stone doors closed and warded. The same goes for the Golden Tower in the Templar district, former home of Kalak.
  • High Templar of the King’s Works, Tithian, has assumed power as the new King of Tyr. The Templars maintain their previous roles as city officials and police, but now report to Tithian. Corruption runs more rampant than ever.
  • Tithian, under pressure from the leaders of various rebel groups, declares Tyr a city free of slavery.
  • Tithian is in the process of forming a city council with representatives from various trade groups, former templars, and merchant houses based in Tyr.
  • The Coliseum is transformed into a Free Market where anyone is allowed to set up and trade their wares on the arena floor.
  • The Tyr slave pits are transformed into a new fighting pit, where free gladiators can train and profit from weekly fights held their ordained by the new city government. [


  • Lissan is the current arena darling and works furiously to promote the new Free Games of Tyr.
  • Valmok, your former gladiatorial trainer, has decided to return to gladiator fighting himself.
  • Hamash the Mul has disavowed his former master and moved his fruit stand to the coliseum grounds, where his business has grown. Rumor is fruit’s not all he’s selling.
  • Chch’kraran still seeks iron weapons for his pack in an effort to redeem himself. He’s joined a posse of tradesmen headed by the Templars and was sent to break up the strike at the iron mine.
  • Urrgos has found labor as a porter for House Wavir, but feeling like he owes his life to The Desert Bard and His Friends, he shows up whenever Ja’Amun performs to beat on a new drum he recently purchased in accompaniment.
  • Mahlanda was apparently sent on some unknown mission out of the city by the Veilled Alliance, or so you were told.
  • Granj is organizing a trade guild of Bricklayers & Construction and trying to mobilize those slaves who had been working on the Ziggurat for so long they’ve forgotten any other trade. Rumor is that he’s also been training them as an army.
  • Etheros and Fanda Lisa are still proprietors of The Honeyed Kank, where your party are always free to come and go and discuss business.

A few more rumors

  • Veilled Alliance sources claim an insurgent group denying Kalak’s death and vying for his return to substance and power known as The True have been meeting in secret.
  • House Ianto, a merchant house known for slave trade, is rumored to be holding secret slave auctions in the warrens.
  • Prospectors claim to have uncovered an ancient well on the outskirts of Tyr which connects to an unknown and vast aquifer. Merchant Houses are feuding over rights to its water, and trying to organize expeditions to sieze hold of the ancient cistern.
  • Production at Tyr’s iron mines has slowed to a halt as workers go on strike over work conditions.
  • Sorcerer-King Hamanu of Urik has his eyes turned on Tyr. Urikite spies have been captured within city walls.
  • Certain players in the Veilled Alliance are arguing that now is the time for arcanist disclosure in Tyr, in the wake of the slave rebellion. At the very least, they hope to place a member on the city council in secret.
  • Some monstrous entities from deep in the depths of Under Tyr have begun digging their way out into the warrens, perhaps disturbed by Ziggurat construction and whatever evil magic may still be working within.

Character Goals

At this point please outline at least 3 goals for your character. One which is short term, one which is longer term, and one which specifically relates to the goals of the party or one of your other party members. They can all be small and easily achievable. These goals must be explicitly stated and are subject to DM approval — but when reached, will earn you a Minor Quest XP reward.