Elf. Battlemind. Praetor. Neutral good.




Wevv’s Appendix #0000
:: Wevv — Elf — Battlemind — Templar — Neutral ::
“Sparsely scarred & fond of kneeling on one knee — observant, almost to a fault, with a strong quick gaze & the lithe neck of his people. Wevv’s primary strengths are in quick assessment of situations & definitive reactions — seizing on the weaknesses & opportunities presented. An opportunistic tactician, he focuses on taking advantage of the unique-ness of a situation to control through strategy over outright force. He fights first with his eyes, then mind, feet, staff, sword.

His neutrality & cavalier nature with risk (especially as it pertains to the safety of his party members) often lead to distrust & resentment to follow him through his relationships & interactions. This further reinforces the distant nature of his character. The arrogance of his class & status mixed with his belligerent attitude toward the racism associated with the elves of Athas often lead him into heated situations where it can be difficult to tell whether he is engaged in a deeper form of strategy or acting out of passion. Combined with a slight naivety about city culture often causes situations around him to extremes — for good or ill.

Unlike some in Athas he takes a strong pride in the heritage of his family though he seldom discusses it. He guards the possessions passed to him with his life — as if he expects to pass them on to his children one day. He wears & wields the bones of a water drake. It is unclear how exactly they came into his possession but it is likely they are worn as a badge of either his keeper or his kill.

Unwilling or unable to disclose the exact nature of his employment with his S.K., Wevv seems to be operating with some sort of guiding principle or moral code leading his actions but without a specific directive to carry out.”

Wevv’s Appendix #0002
:: The Drak ::
“Going back thousands of years the Drak are a tribe of Elves touched by the psionic power of the water drakes of Athas. A multi-generational, deep-rural community that live in symbiosis with a now psionically ill community of water drakes. The Drak hunt & care for the drakes, protecting their ancestral aquifer from the few marauders that made it that far. In turn the drakes gave them access to ample water & the bodies dead to be crafted into fine goods, mostly used within the community, rarely traded.

In Wevv’s first year of ascension the psionic sickness finally devastated the drakes — killing a majority of the community, including the last male drakes, leaving less than a handful of females to die without producing any more offspring. The older females became even weaker, barely eating, causing the ecology of the aquifer to slowly turn in quality.

Seeing the settlements end after so many generations of coexistence with the drakes, the leaders of the community trained the brightest to be sent out to explore the lands of Athas for another community of drakes where they might be able to cull another breeding pair. Wevv is one of these.”

Wevv’s Appendix #0003
:: o’Drii ::
“Wevv’s family name. Also his people’s name for the light in the sky that is — unknown to them — the next planet farther out in the solar system, Athas’ sister planet, similar to Mars of Earth except white, blue & green rock instead of red.”


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